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Hypehash changing the game with the

revolutionary concept of the

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#Hashtag – Centric


In our universe
There are endless Possibilities For a Hashtag

Hashtags have a way of uniting people on their most joyous and challenging moments.

They create connections between people around the world and store the memories of the most memorable moments that changed the world.

We harnessed that amazing power for good! Now anybody can use the hype of a trending or viral hashtag for something worthwhile.

You can literally change the world for someone, or let someone change the world. Possibilities are endless!

Team Behind Magic

Open-minded architect of complex tech solutions and crazy ideas. With his Silicon Valley experience and pedigree Ravihans always preaches and dreams of solutions to the problems customers themselves cannot fathom in current state.
Known to often “Steve Jobsing” it whenever possible, he loves solving problems from different open spaces all over the world

Ravihans Wetakepotha
Founder & CEO

Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka; raised in Nepal; schooled at Pomona College (B.A. Economics) and at Stanford University (M.A Policy Organization & Leadership Studies) in Palo Alto; Worked seven years advancing climate change and clean energy policy. His Silicon Valley in-depth Knowledge on policy, strategic landscape, analysis and frameworks to the marketing constancy companies in the bay area.


Creative extraordinaire. Go-to Art director for world’s top advertising agencies for over a decade, his most celebrated works includes the transformation of the Abu Dhabi airport to the spectacle it is today thus gaining the creative reputation that proceeds.

Lahiru Rajapaksha

CIM qualified marketer turned business strategist and creative guy, his former clients include Unilever, Zlon, Zesta, Black Knight, Dawn Patrol Games and more, spanning out across 10+ years. He’s also an experienced Music Composer/ Sound Engineer and Video Editor

Shan Perera
Global Platform Administrator
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These people Love us!

Brilliant idea!
This is going to be a game changer.

Tim VarnerCo-Founder , Roost

One of the most promising social shopping ideas I ever saw. it would be interesting to see where all of this might eventually lead to.

Rich MinerCo-Founder , Android

One of the most promising social shopping ideas I ever saw. it would be interesting to see where all of this might eventually lead to.

Aswini AnburajanFounder/CEO, OpenUp Director of partner Development, Buzzfeed

Proud to call Hypehash one of our alumni startups. Out of hundreds of ideas Hypehash stands out as one of the most revolutionising concepts of this decade.

Macros Martin Co-Founder, Menoroca Millennials

Hypehash was one of the most powerful ideas that ever came across. It will disrupt social shopping for good.

Ville OehmanCryptocurrency Fund Manager, Helvetic Investments & Co-Founder

The hashtag store of the world!
What a clever idea!

Verne HarnishFounder , Young Entrepreneur's organization

Hypehash has turned the #hashtag from a social media trend into a business platform!

FundingSageThe next big thing made for the Snap-chat Generation
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